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Blackouts, load shedding and power outages are a serious and long standing issue. And because of that you need you generator working in optimum condition throughout the year. If in case your generator malfunctions or you need installation then Skillerz provide you with complete Generator repair and installation services everywhere in Lahore.

Our generator maintenance and installation services are quality and very affordable for avail. So if you need generator services in Lahore then Skillerz is your complete generator repair solution.


If you are in Lahore and your generator needs fine tuning and complete servicing, Skillerz have everything under control. We provide complete generator maintenance for you, whether you are at home or at office. Make sure your generator is performing at optimum level.

  • Generator shifting
  • Generator foundation civil work
  • Generator Earthing
  • Generator Complete Maintenance
  • Carburetor cleaning
  • Oil change
  • Tappets adjustment
  • AVR Check
  • Battery Check
  • Self and Kick check
  • Filter wash
  • Nut bolts adjustment
  • Performance inspections
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